Let’s celebrate Eid

The word “Eid”, so festive, so colorful in its own way denotes happiness, celebration and family reunions. This is the time when near and dear ones get together to share their joys. Women, young girls and even younger little ladies all decked up with new shimmering gota clothes, bangles, mehndi and Cinderella sandals make this day extremely colorful. Men and young boys in their traditional kurtas are no way behind in the Eid fashion parade.

Lunches, dinners and open houses, where guests keep coming in all add up to the beauty of this day. Not only relatives and friends, but families of drivers, maids, post man, the dhol wala who was apparently heard only during the last few days of the sehri are a prominent part of the guest list of every house hold. Eidi is a major attraction for all.

Traditional gourmet comprising sewaiyan, sheer khurma, mithais, cakes and lots of other delicious eatables decorate the dining tables and trolleys and everyone keeps munching on these goodies the whole day. The ladies of the house spend days preparing for the Eid fiesta. The items served on the table give them a sense of achievement and pride!

It is not just a three day celebration, but Eid festivities begin with the preparations that include numerous shopping trips during roza and after iftar. The trips after iftar are more fun as they then include all those snacking on the yummalicious cholas, chaats, bun kababs, masala fries, rolls, ice creams and drinks. During the last few days of Ramzan, shopping centers are overcrowded to the extent that one may wonder things are being given away for free! All these preparations show the mental state of the people. It is a way of expressing joy and happiness.

Happiness is said to be a state of mind. But as a nation, are we happy? With more than twenty million people displaced and affected by the floods, can we genuinely be happy? Just think about it this way. If a very close relative is in extreme crisis, do you think we would feel like celebrating eid at all?

We all are aware of the situation in which our fellow countrymen are. Everyone is up to date with facts and figures. Yet we are still spending lavishly on our eid preparations! We are more focused on our “wants” rather than our “needs”, forgetting the “needs” of so many homeless people.

Just for a while if we stop and think, there are so many people out there who are waiting for clean water to drink, babies born in camps are all but crying, since their mothers are too weak to produce milk. Clean clothes and shoes may sound a luxury for a lot of them. Survival of so many families is at stake. They are counting on us!

It is us who have to think about those people out there, who anxiously wait for the trucks laden with food and survival kits, the sound of which is music to their ears. That is their eid for the day!

Let us all remember, this eid is different. Allah has given us His bounty; we need to spend it in the right direction. It would be wrong to say we have done what we could. What we have done is not enough. We need to be more proactive. Every individual must consciously make effort. Whenever spending on oneself, if we contribute a percentage of it towards flood relief to the trusted organization or NGO, it could make a massive difference towards rehabilitation.

Let’s celebrate eid, with true spirit of brotherhood. Let us share all that we can. Let us be generous. Let us believe in the power of giving!

“The hand that gives is better than the hand that receives”