KESC identifies High Theft Areas

The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) on Thursday claimed that it has identified Kunda and meter tempered localities in eight zones falling in the Region No.3 of the utility and has announced that a full scale drive to remove illegal connections and tempered meters is in full swing in these areas fed by 80 feeders where electricity loss is as high as up to 76 per cent.

An announcement said that the KESC has divided the city into four regions to manage its power distribution system.

It said that the information given here only pertains to utility’s region 3 and that information regarding other regions will also be `revealed in the coming days’.

The KESC announcement maintained that `it is time to recognize the fact that the uninterrupted electricity supply to any locality is directly related with honest usage of electricity and timely payment of bills by the customers’.

Those areas where electricity theft is on a lower side and bills are paid on time will get efficient and effective service as compared to those areas where theft and non-payment of bills is on a higher side, it added.

The KESC asked the `honest and genuine customers to join the theft removing drive by pointing out the individuals or organizations who are involved in their neighborhood.’

The electricity thieves were not only causing huge financial loss to the Company but also forcing longer duration spells of load shedding in these areas, the KESC announcement further pointed out.