Jolie calls for greater support for Pakistani flood victims

Hollywood actress and UN ambassador Angelina Jolie on Tuesday released a video appealing for help on behalf of people affected by the floods in Pakistan.

“This is not just a humanitarian crisis. It is an economic and social catastrophe,” said Ms.

Jolie, a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, who has already donated $100,000 for the relief of the natural disaster’s victims.

The floods have left a fifth of Pakistan under water and affected an estimated 17 million people.

UNHCR is one of numerous UN agencies that are on the ground in Pakistan to try to provide relief to the flood victims, many of whom face a long wait before they can return to their homes and livelihoods.

“The more support we can give, the greater number of tents, food, clean water and medicine will get to the people in need,” added Ms. Jolie.

The nearly $460 million sought by the UN and its humanitarian partners in the initial floods response plan for Pakistan is currently 63 per cent covered, having received $291 million in funds and an additional $20 million in pledges.

UNHCR has revised its section of the wider appeal from $41 million to $120 million as the needs of the flood victims continue to outpace the ability of aid groups to respond.