Indian troops imposed strict curfew in IoK

Thousands of Indian police and paramilitary forces enforced a strict curfew in much of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) on Tuesday after Indian troops shot dead four protesters, police and witnesses said.

Indian forces have struggled to contain almost three months of demonstrations by Kashmiris ignited by the killing of a 17-year-old student by police on June 11.

A total of 69 protesters and bystanders have been martyred over the past three months, mostly by security forces who have used live ammunition on rallies after being pelted with stones.

Indian Troops sealed off neighbourhoods in the regional summer capital Srinagar and other towns with barbed wire, iron gates and abandoned carts to prevent residents from leaving their homes to stage protests against the killings.

“We are enforcing a strict curfew to maintain the peace,” police officer Pervez Ahmed said.

Residents told visiting reporters that the protests were peaceful and that no one was throwing stones at the time of the shooting.

Authorities have launched a probe.

“Senior police officers have taken a serious view of the firing.
Ammunition of the policemen is being checked to fix the responsibility,” an official statement said.

The deaths brought people out onto the streets of Srinagar and other Muslim-dominated towns in IoK Monday evening and the anti-India demonstrations continued until early on Tuesday, witnesses said.

In highway towns residents squatted on the roads and held noisy demonstrations amid chants of “Freedom for Kashmir!” and “Oh! Tyrants, oh! killers, leave our Kashmir.”