Imran Farooq’s wife appeals for help

The wife of murdered Imran Farooq has appealed for witnesses to come forward with information about his killer.

Shumaila Imran broke down at a news conference after struggling to speak to reporters, describing her husband as “a dedicated family man, a loving father, a loving husband.

She told how his death had left her family “in a state of shock and disbelief” and she begged for anyone with information to approach police.

“Dr Farooq has been living in the UK since 1999, claiming asylum and saying there was a contract out on his life.”

“The fact that his widow has gone through the ordeal of a news conference is an indication that the police really aren’t having much success in their investigation.”

Detectives want anyone with information to call their investigation team on 0208 721 3784 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.