Humanitarian crisis deepens in occupied Kashmir

In occupied Kashmir, the humanitarian crisis is beginning to run deeper due to strictly imposed curfew since Eid-ul-Fitr, depriving people of every necessity of life.

Entire population in the Valley is suffering from shortage of edibles like milk, bread and vegetables.

Several people said that they had not been able to purchase food items for the past four days, Kashmir Media Service reported.   People in many areas are confronting various problems and complained that they couldn’t get morning bread.

“My parents cannot digest bakery products so I have to necessarily get morning bread everyday. But all bakers in our area have gone to home and the result is that we have to wait for hours at the leftover bakers to get the bread,” said Umar Mushtaq of Botashah Mohalla Lal Bazar.

The crisis is worse in the old city areas of Srinagar where the residents are disallowed to open the windows or doors.

“If anyone peeps out of the window, the CRPF blow the whistle to force him back. We are forced to consume the edibles stocked at home but fresh bread, butter and vegetables are not available,” Ali Muhammad of Gojwara said over phone.

”It’s suffocating,” said Sajid Iqbal, a lawyer, who has spent most of the past three months at home. ”Every Kashmiri is being forced to stay inside,” he added.

Crippled life is also affecting healthcare across the Valley. Dozens of patients and attendants are stranded at hospitals in absence of traffic coupled with restrictions on civilian movement. Many more, however, are not able to reach the hospitals.

The patients operated upon recently are missing on post-operative care given the crises. “My father underwent gall bladder surgery recently. We had to bring him home early but ever since we have not been able to take him to the doctor for check up. It is getting worrying,” said Aijaz Muhammad of Khanyar.