How to enhance your cheekbones

While all of us are not lucky enough to be born with well-defined cheekbones, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a similar illusion. The way to go about this is by using the right make-up tools.

Applying a blusher is key in accentuating your facial features. Most women don’t know how to wear blush or at times choose the wrong shade.

Choosing the right colour of blush is important. You don’t want something too bright that makes your cheeks stand out nor do you want a shade that can’t be seen. Ask the lady at the make-up store to guide you.

Those who have very pale skin, can even use a bronzer. Once you find the best shade, you should know where to apply it. Suck in your cheeks, the hollow area is where a dark blush or bronzer should go. Apply a shimmery blush where your cheeks end and just before your eyes begin. This will highlight the area and create a high cheekbone look.

The rounded part of your cheeks is the ‘apple’ and that is where you need to apply blush as well. Remember to blend the colour properly, so that there is no obvious blush line. Make it look as natural as possible.