Helen Skips Teesri Manzil For Dabangg

The solidarity, unity and love within Salman Khan’s family would put a Sooraj Barjatya film to shame. On Saturday evening at a special screening of Vijay Anand’s Teesri Manzil, Helen, who played a pivotal part in the film, couldn’t make it because she was busy with a screening of Salman’s Dabangg.

Teesri Manzil’s leading lady, Asha Parekh, who missed Helen at the screening says, “Why only Helen? Salim Khan Saab too acted in Teesri Manzil! They both were expected for the screening.. But couldn’t come because of Salman’s film. In fact, while I was watching Teesri Manzil Helen called to invite me for a screening of Dabangg on Sunday.”

There’s no trace of competitiveness when Asha Parekh speaks of Helen. “She looked so much lovelier and danced so much better than me in Teesri Manzil. She looks no more than 17-18 in the film. God bless her.”

The special screening of Vijay Anand’s Teesri Manzil saw quite a turn-out of technicians and artistes associated with this evergreen film. While the late Vijay Anand was represented by his son Siddharth, the film’s producer Nasir Hussain’s son Mansoor Khan did not turn up for the show. (Mansoor was in Ooty). Nassir Saab was represented by his nephew, Aamir Khan.