Heal that back pain!

Back pain can be crippling, but rest, good posture and exercise can bring relief.

Back pain is the second most common problem that brings people into the doctor’s office. The problem is increasing rapidly.

At different stages of our lives, back pain acquires serious dimensions and can be crippling.


Many spinal conditions cause back pain, but muscle sprain can be a cause too.The common spinal causes of back pain are: changes in various parts of the spine with ageing, poor posture, obesity, sprains and strains that occur in activities of daily living.


Bed rest for a few days.
If you have a sprained or strained back — not a serious injury — use ice first. After 48 hours, switch to heat to warm and relax sore tissues.
Over-the-counter medication like aspirin or paracetamol can provide relief. No other medication should be taken without the doctor’s advice.


Maintain a good posture during sitting, walking, working and sleeping. Exercise regularly Stop smoking

When should one see a doctor?

If pain persists beyond a few days. If pain is very severe and interferes with activities of daily life. If pain is accompanied by numbness, weakness in the legs or any difficulty in passing urine/stool.