Gondal sees rumour mongers’ linkage with terrorists

Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Muhammad Gondal Thursday said that at a time when the nation was confronting the biggest catastrophe of its history the undemocratic forces were busy in dirty propaganda game.

Talking to PTV the Minister said that it is not a new phenomena rather these forces become active whenever the country comes under crisis particularly during the tenure of elected governments.

He said that the leadership of all political parties was engaged in the service of flood affected people countrywide while these forces were busy in spreading the rumours of government change.

The reality on ground is that the leaders of political parties having representation in the parliament have categorically stated that they would not support any unconstitutional move against the government.

He said the top leadership of the second largest parliamentary party the PML-N has also stated time and again that it would not support any unconstitutional step in any circumstance.

The Minister said that earlier such rumours were spread when the PPP leadership took hard decision against the terrorists adding it appears that these forces were associated with the terrorist organizations.

He said that the rumuor mongers were not serving any national cause rather they were spreading confusion at a time when there was dire need of integrated national efforts to rehabilitate more than 20 million flood affected people.

To a question the Minister said that, government was implementing the SC decisions in line with constitution and law and it has no plans to indulge in confrontation with the Judiciary.

Gondal said that PPP government having even less than simple majority in the National Assembly had taken a number bold steps including NFC Award, Gilgit Baltistan reforms, 18th amendment, restoration of superior judiciary, anti-terrorism drive and most recently the trade access to European Union but these were rarely being mentioned by the critics.

To a question the Minister said that there was no dearth of essential food commodities in the country but the hoarders were creating the conditions to earn more profits.

To another question he said vis-à-vis the exaggerated blames of financial mismanagement on federal government, no cheque of the federal government had ever bounced.

But it had happened in a certain province the Minister said without naming it.