Freida Pinto plays object of desire in “Stranger”

When it comes to acting roles, Freida Pinto has yet to meet her tall, dark stranger.

In Woody Allen’s wry comedy “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”, the stranger means different things to different characters: handsome lover to one, possibly death to another.

Pinto, 25, at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the movie, said her metaphorical stranger is not being able to live a fantasy such as working with Allen and co-star Josh Brolin.

“I was sick to my stomach knowing I had two amazing talents — Josh Brolin, Woody Allen — working with me,” said the Indian former model, who got her big break in Oscar-winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire“.

“I really spent my first days being nervous and being very petrified about which way I was going — Was I going to get fired? It was this immense amount of pressure and stress,” she told Reuters in an interview.

Due out in U.S. theaters on September 22, “Tall Dark Stranger” is the witty tale of a pair of couples whose marriages have gone askew, and reflects Allen’s ironic outlook on life and death.