Flooded Jaffarabad cut off from other parts for 36 days

District Jaffarabad flooded by many feet was cut off from other parts of the country on Monday for 36th consecutive day as the flood torrents had washed away road and railway tracks between Dera Allahyar and Jacobabad at many points.

The worst ever floods forced 1.1 million people including 600,000 of Sindh to take shelter in Dera Murad Jamali, Sibi, Dhadar, Quetta, Mastung, Kalat and Khuzdar.

Hundreds of thousands of flood victims can be seen living under open sky in scorching heat along roadside.

Although the Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps Balochistan and a number of NGOs had played a remarkable role in provision of food, drinking water, medicines and tents to the flood survivors but still a large number of them were trapped in floodwaters and deprived of food and clean drinking water.

Flood survivors are forced to consume contaminated floodwaters which had made them prey to deadly waterborne diseases and resultantly over 60,000 have suffered from them.

According to a report of Agriculture Department, flash floods had washed away standing crops over one million acres of land in 12 districts of the province.

Works and Communication Department said that floods had washed away 414 kilometers roads in the affected areas.

According to an assessment, over 55,000 animals were killed by floods in Eastern Balochistan.

The floods had washed away 2,600 villages and 75,261 houses in Jaffarabad, Nasirabad and Jhal Magsi.