Flood victims celebrate Eid in tents

Millions of flood victims celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr in donated tents and makeshift shelters.

The water has receded in many places but remains head-high in others, forcing victims to stay outside their villages in camps or alone on roadsides.

Girls gathered at one camp near a power plant in the city of Muzaffargarh, sitting on a rug unfurled on the ground near the road as aid workers decorated their hands with intricate henna designs.

Their mothers, hovering behind, said even this small pleasure would soon be gone.
“We don’t have the happiness of Eid. What is the happiness?” said Amana Bibi, 25. “We don’t have homes.”

Charities sent bags of gifts such as shiny plastic wrist bangles and candies to children displaced by the floods, which have affected some 18 million people.