Flood submerges over 40 villages in Dadu

The deluge continued spreading devastation across Qamber-Shahdadkot and caused several breaches in Main Nara Valley Drain (MNVD) and over 40 villages in Mehar and Khairpur Nathan Shah talukas of District Dadu became the latest victims of devastation.

A 20 feet breach was reported in Main Nara Valley Drain (MNVD) in Khairpur Nathan Shah that submerged the Guza Konb, Bheb, Mehtu Babbar and other several other adjacent villages while thousands of people were marooned.

On the other hand, no maintenance work was visible on the part of the authorities, as the villagers were strengthening the protective embankments on their own.

On the other hand, the Kotri Barrage as usual sustaining high flood where the water inflow was recorded at 800,132 cusecs against the outflow of 788,337 cusecs.

Similarly, a high flood is also maintained in Guddu and Sukkur Barrages. The water inflow at Guddu was recorded at 529,836 cusecs while the outflow is 514,676 cusecs.

Water outflow at Sukkur was 541,550 cusecs while outflow was recorded at 496,180 cusecs.