Manchar Lake rises; 42 villages inundated

Manchhar Lake mounted to at least 119 feet just short of two feet of its water-containing capacity.

A state of emergency has been announced at the Lake with senior officers from the Irrigation Department stationed to inspect it, as the Lake bunds are under huge pressure with water pouring from different canals.

The flow from various canals has submerged at least 42 villages including tehsil Juhi and Sehwan’s large cities Channi, Jhangara and Bajara with the people of the affected areas on foot to evacuate in large number.

Meanwhile, the temporary protective embankment raised to save Mehar city the inundation, is withstanding water with a level of 6 feet.

Alarmed citizens began to raise the height of the bund under self-help basis.

The water level in Khairpur Nathan Shah also burgeoned to over 1.5 feet, causing the city to sink under seven feet of water.

Flood-besieged Tehsil Juhi is still cut off with the rest of the country on the 8th straight day Monday.