Flood devastation continues, efforts on to save Dadu city

After causing breach in Tori Bund and passing through Jacobabad and Shahdadkot, Ahmal Lake, MNV Drain and FP Bund, the deluge continued spreading devastation across three Dadu tehsils including Mehar, Khairpur Nathan Shah and Johi.

Dadu city is also under threat from flood waters as 600,000 people are still living in Dadu. Others have evacuated the city, private news channel reported on Sunday.

At least 450 villages of Mehar tehsil became the latest victims of the flood affecting its 300,000 population. It is decided to turn the flood direction towards Khairpur Nathan Shah after breaking Mehar Drain to save Mehar city. People of Mehar city are migrating to safe places.

Khairpur Nathan Shah is totally under water. Waters flowing from three artificial cuts of 1,000 feet in Johi canal, at Bello Patan and Kari Mori, reached Thareri Mohbat and inundated 20 villages.

The waters also inundated 200 nearby villages of Johi. The residents of Johi started vacating the town, opting for Kachho and a mountainous strip nearby.