Flood claims 48 lives in Muzaffargarh

The disastrous flood claimed 48 human lives and displaced over 1.5 million people in the district.

This was disclosed by EDO Revenue Muzaffar Khan Sial while giving briefing to provincial minister for finance Tanvir Ashraf Kaira here on Tuesday.

He informed that flood waters from Chenab and Indus affected 65 union councils in Muzaffargarh. About 100,000 cattle were killed in the district due to flood.

EDO said that the flood damaged 657,127 acres of cultivated land besides damaging premises of 387 primary schools, 35 middle schools, 17 secondary schools, 4 higher secondary schools and two colleges.

The revenue officer also disclosed that flood caused damage to 729 km long 207 different roads in the district.

About relief work, he said that district administration alongwith Punjab government engaged four helicopters, 124 boats to rescue stranded people.

He said the district administration established 48 relief camps and offered shelter to over 40 thousands people.

On this occasion, officers from different departments including education, health, highway, Rescue 1122 presented proposals for rehabilitation work.

Provincial minister for finance Tanvir Ashraf Kaira directed the officer to forge coordination in order to offer maximum relief to calamity hit people.

He said it was disastrous flood which rendered a number of people homeless and there is urgent need to ensure speedy relief work.