Federal educational institutes reopen today

All the educational institutes working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) reopened on Tuesday with maximum potential after about three months summer vacations.

The students have resumed their study activities after the vacation with renewed commitments.

They were very enthusiastic to wish Eid to their fellow students and share their fun filled activities of summer vacations.

Earlier, the FDE announced vacations from June 18 till August 23 which were extended, due to the month of Holy Ramadan and Eid till September 13, on the persistent demand of the teachers who rushed to their home towns for spending vacations.

Majority of the students were present on the first day after long summer break and shared with their class mates that how they spent their vacations and Eid, said Shagufta, a teacher of the local model college.

“Like every year, we visited our grandparents in the summer vacations and enjoyed a lot. Due to the extension in the summer vacation, we spent Ramadan with our family and relatives in our native town and celebrate Eid with them,” said Hassan and Ali, sharing with their class mates.

Summer vacation is a period which provide relief to the students from scorching heat besides giving them an opportunity to visit their near and dear ones but the joy doubled this year as they also get chance to celebrate Eid in their villages and towns.

Although, the authorities face criticism over extension of summer vacations as it is feared that the syllabus will not be covered on time but the FDE has decided that the schools will not be closed for winter vacation in December to fill the gap, said an official of the Directorate.