Fashion all a twitter for Posh tweets

The performer-turned-fashion-guru Victoria Beckham might be bang up to date when it comes to making the right style choices, but her tech skills are so 2009.

Posh Spice made her long overdue debut on Twitter last week, ahead of the unveiling of her Spring 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week. The “microblogging” website is used by many of the fashion and showbiz world’s biggest names to connect directly with fans.

Her opening gambit: “Finally!! Leaving for UK tomorrow ‘Airport is my runway!!!’ Can’t wait for fashion week! In love and light x VB”.

The exclamation-mark-intensive tweet was apparently a reference to Beckham’s tendency to be “papped” getting on and off transatlantic flights – hence “Airport is my runway”.

The wife of the former England footballer David was returning to London to finalise arrangements for her collection for the upcoming fashion week, running September 9-16.

Beckham, who tweets under the handle, vbfashionweek, told gossip site E! Online: “There have been so many people claiming to tweet as me, I thought it was time for me to ‘tweet up’.

“I thought it would be fun for people to see firsthand an inside look at my experiences during Fashion Week.”

Her tweets so far have included a grateful mention about being nominated for designer brand of the year from the British Fashion Council and an update on son Romeo’s “amazing lazer tag party”.

Beckham was also welcomed to the Twitterverse by actress, model and real life friend Eva Longoria, with the words: “Hey everyone, my dear friend Victoria Beckham is finally on twitter! Give her a warm welcome!”