Ex-world panel hockey umpire Faizi left for Malaysia

Former World Penal Hockey umpire Faiz Muhammad Faizi Wednesday left for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to represent Pakistan in the forthcoming International Umpire Coaching Seminar to be starting from Sept 23, 2010.

Talking to APP before leaving for Malaysia Faiz Muhammad Faizi, who is hailing from Peshawar, said that the seminar would be held under the aegis of International Hockey Federation (FIH) in order to provide updated rules of the game besides discuss the problems being confronting by the umpire.

He also another international hockey umpire Dilawar Bhatti will also represent Pakistan as umpire in the conference.

Having experience of supervising international matches in World Cup, Olympics, Asian Games, South Asian Games and Champions Trophy, said that he would act there as umpire judge and would deliver his lecture as well.

He said that the seminar would also discuss the performance of the umpires in order to promote them to new grades. He also lauded FIH for giving due importance by holding refreshes courses, clinics and seminar so that the umpires would be updated with the newly rules.

The seminar would also discuss the problems being fronting by umpires across the world and would make ensure its solution so that each of the umpire could perform his duty without any worries, Faizi concluded.