Eid to be celebrated today in KP

Masjid Qasim Khan Committee in Peshawar announced Eid ul Fitr on Friday. The committee said that it received shadats of moon sighting from various people and hence concluded that Eid will be on Friday.
The unofficial Masjid Qasim Khan Committee also met on Thursday in parallel with the Central Ruet Hilal Committee to decide about the sighting of the Shawwal moon.
The provincial minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa Bashir Ahmad Bilour supported the decision of Masjid Qaim Khan Committee and said that Eid will be celebrated in the province today.
Earlier, the Central Ruet Hilal Committee announced that Shawal moon was not sighted in the country and Eid will be celebrated throughout the country on Saturday.
Two eids will be celebrated in the country even year.