Fight to save Dadu, Johi from surging floods

River defences in flood-hit Sindh were bolstered on Tuesday in a bid to save two towns from catastrophic flooding as the UN warned the world community must help the nation recover.

Eight million people remain reliant on aid handouts to survive, six weeks after monsoons caused devastating floods in the country’s worst disaster in living memory.

Advancing floodwaters continue to threaten the towns of Johi and Dadu in Sindh province, with 19 of its 23 districts deluged and 2.8 million people displaced, according to provincial authorities.

Advancing floodwaters continue to threaten towns in Sindh province, where 19 of its 23 districts have been deluged, displacing more than 2.8 million people, according to provincial authorities.

“Armed forces and irrigation officials are racing against time to save Johi and Dadu,” said provincial irrigation minister Jam Saifullah Dharejo.

“Floodwaters are increasing pressure on Johi embankment, while the raging waters are just five kilometres (three miles) away from Dadu city,” Dharejo said.

He said residents had formed a human chain to help reinforce embankments securing the towns.

“It is very heartening to us that local people are being very courageous and helping authorities, picking up stones to reinforce the embankments,” he said.

Dadu and Johi are about 320 kilometres north of the main southern port city of Karachi.