Economic independence of women stressed

Eminent Industrialist Mughees A Sheikh on Saturday stressed the need for economic independence of women as it prove an important way to raise the morale of the society.

Addressing a press conference here, after presiding Women Interior Sub-committee, he lauded women’s role in developing the society. “By the dint of their hardworking they have had been proved themselves more productive segment of the society,” he remarked.

The only, he said, is a need of the time that they should focus over performing their duty honestly and efficiently.

“Unless our women would not be provided enough opportunity for education in different fields, they would never become able to serve the purpose of life”, he said.

He stressed for launching a campaign to change the general attitude of masses against traditional thinking towards women. “We should get rid of considering women as an inferior part of life”, he said.

They, he said, were not only proved themselves good workers, but also, good managers, to achieve the desired targets in their respective departments.

At the end, he demanded of “Trade Development Authority” to send women delegations across the world, so that they could better gain exposure in order to serve the society.