Earth Sciences Pakistan 2010: New Development conference on Sept 20-22

The National Centre of Excellence in Geology (NCEG) and Department of Geology, University of Peshawar will jointly hold a multiple-themed international conference named ‘The Earth Sciences Pakistan 2010: New Developments’ on September 20-22, at UoP Summer Camp Baragbali.

The themes of the conference included Himalayan Tectonics; Economic Mineral Deposits; Depositional Systems & Petroleum Exploration; Environmental Geosciences; Natural Hazards; Risk Assessment, Disaster Management and Mitigation; and Water Resources. A release of the NCEG said here on Friday.

So far eighty abstracts for presentations have been submitted that would eventually be published as abstract volume of the Earth Sciences Pakistan (ESP)-2010 in the Journal of the Himalayan Earth Sciences (NCEG, University of Peshawar).

From the ESP-2010 the organizers hope to generate a wealth of information and promote research and mutual interaction across a wide spectrum of organizations.

The energy crises, natural hazards, worsening economic situation, environmental degradation, population growth explosion, fast-depleting water resources and droughts in Pakistan have made the earth scientists more so important.

In such times their expertise, knowledge, technical know-how and in-depth analysis and understanding will directly contribute to the nation’s betterment.

The National Centre of Excellence in Geology (NCEG) and Department of Geology, University of Peshawar are two prestigious institutes of Pakistan that have been promoting Earth Sciences through teaching, research and manpower development.

The Department of Geology takes the first step of generating hundreds of fresh graduates every year. The NCEG polishes these graduates to make them top-class researchers, highly motivated Earth Science teachers and the nation’s best scientists.

However, Earth Science activities are wide spread across a multitude of organizations. Conferences provide the best platform for exchange of ideas, mutual interactions, research discussions, spread of technical knowledge and information about new developments.

The NCEG and Department of Geology has a long tradition of organizing such events.