Dolce & Gabbana – Barely Innocent Brides

After witnessing a Dolce & Gabbana show, it’s hard to imagine where else in Western Europe do models look prettier than on their catwalk, especially in this truly beautiful spring 2011 fantasy bride, hyper Sicilian collection presented Sunday, Sept. 26, in Milan.

Created almost entirely in white, the collection was mesmerizingly pretty. White normally stands for virtuousness but was anything but innocent here.

The duo opened with a evocative long-sleeved lace dress cut with an erratic hem. Semi-sheer and worn by their preferred model, Natasha Poly, the Russian beauty who has opened and closed most of their recent shows, it caused a collective outtake of breathe before the wide-eyed audience of some 800 in Dolce & Gabbana’s custom-built show space. Like all the models, Poly was elegantly groomed in ever so slightly disheveled hair, pale pink lipstick, barely there makeup and giant ring earrings.

Throughout, the gentlemanly designers varied short with long looks – either bloomers, shorts and negligees, or slip dresses, full gowns and cotton knitted cocktails. Thrown in toward the end were some great sexy widow suits, silvery boudoir looks and a couple of remarkable sheathes with glittering crystal embroidery.

“It’s us very much being Dolce & Gabbana,” said Domenico Dolce backstage after the show, which received a thunderous burst of applause. Few could argue with that since this house has always based its success on tapping into the conflicting myths of the duo’s native Sicily – sensuality and religion, family and suggestive sin.

The bedroom was never very far away in this show, which zipped by despite being 80 passages long – twice the usual average in Europe. It ended with a sensational march by all the models, led by Poly, all in white.