Diabetes To Be Predicted 10yrs earlier

Good news for the diabetes phobic! It can be called as a major breakthrough in biomarker research that a simple blood test could predict diabetes 10 years earlier than the diagnosis.

The Scientists in UK have developed a blood test that would predict type 2 diabetes (also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes).

The test can identify those at risk of developing heart and circulatory disease.

According to the researchers, the test can detect levels of a genetic molecule called microRNA (MiR) in the blood. The same molecule could lead to develop heart and artery disease.

The lead scientist Dr Manuel Mayr, while speaking at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, said that the MiR test can be used in the conventional methods.

The research was done on 822 adults between 40-79 age groups, who were living in northern Italy. The study effectively found around five per cent of adults was diagnosed in type 2 diabetes 10 years earlier.

The study published in the journal Circulation Research said that there is no quick and simple way to monitor blood vessel health. It is better to be diagnosed at early stage to get rid of further problems like heart attack.