Despite flood distributaries of Indus’ canal run dry

Notwithstanding the ongoing floods and abundance of water in Indus River and its canals, Hoosri distributary, which irrigates 9,688 acres as per the official statistics, is being deprived of water.

Residents of villages Mori Mangar, Detha Station, Tando Hyder and Narejani represented by Aurangzeb Khan, Haji Noor Muhammad Detho, Babu Detho, Ustad Roshan, Shahzad Khan Zanwar, Allah Bachayo Zanwar.

They complained that irrigation officials were arbitrarily carrying out the rotation plan under which water supply was staggered to the distributaries.

“The natural source is being denied to the growers getting water for irrigation from Hoosri and Miano distributaries as well as people who need water for drinking,” Aurangzeb Khan maintained.

He emphasized the Kotri Barrage’s off-taking Lined Canal was flowing to its full capacity yet apart from the Rahooki distributary, which irrigates the lands of influential persons, water supply had been altogether cut off to Hoosri and Miano distributaries.

Aurangzeb alleged that Rahooki distributary had been made exempt from the rotation cycle for the past 3 years while the other two distributaries had been subjected to the rotation for over decade.

He warned the irrigation authorities that they would force the people of the deprived villages to resort to holding protest demonstrations against the department’s excesses if they did not end the discrimination.