Deepika Competes With Katrina

Both Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are across with each other for the lead role in the film ‘Joker’ which is proposed to be directed by Shirish Kunder.

The film is slated for production under Akshay Kumar’s Hari Om Production and Shirish Kunder’s Three’s Company.

Katrina Kaif is currently paired up with Akshay Kumar in the film ‘Tees Maar Khan’ which is directed by Farah Khan.

It seems Katrina Kaif enquired about the female lead for the film ‘Joker’ followed by Akshay Kumar’s assurance of hold back the role for Katrina.

But, Farah Khan did approach Deepika Padukone for the role without Akshay Kumar’s knowledge.

So, Deepika is in the race for the role which enraged Katrina. As Shirish Kunder, the future director of ‘Joker’, is approached, he said, “So far nobody is selected. I, together with Akshay and Farah would decide after a brief discussion. We would announce the female lead of the film shortly.”