Dadu on red alert on imminent flooding

At least 11 out of 15 union councils of Dadu were put on red alert in view of imminent flooding, as the breach in FP Bund in district Dadu’s tehsil Juhi widened to 115 feet.

Army Engineering Corps have been tasked to plug the breach in FP Bundh protective embankment with local people and Irrigation department personnel lending a helping hand for the purpose, a private news channel reported.

The local population in tehsil Dadu started moving to safer locations after the administration issued red alert in view of imminent flooding in tehsil Dadu, as the floodwater pouring out of breach has already inundated at least 45 villages and crops standing on several acres of land.

Meantime, the floodwater streaming out of Suprio Bund besieged Mehar city from three quarters with 90 percent population in the city evacuated.

The citizens staying back in the city have started to buttress the temporarily raised protective embankment to save the city.