CIA promises to ‘respect’ Pakistan sovereignty

Pakistan said Thursday that visiting CIA chief Leon Panetta had promised to respect its sovereignty and examine reports that NATO helicopters conducted deadly cross-border raids from Afghanistan.

According to a statement issued by Prime Minister’s office, Panetta assured him that “the US government would look into the incidence of NATO-International Security Assistance Force intrusion.”

“Pakistan’s sovereignty will be fully respected and the US will try its utmost to provide timely and credible information to Pakistan’s side against any possible terrorist activity on its side of the border to enable Pakistani forces to take prompt action against the miscreants,” he was quoted as saying.

Pakistan said Panetta called for further strengthening of the “cooperation and coordination” between both countries on “national and regional issues”.

Panetta also held talks with Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani and “discussed the matters of mutual interest,” the military said.