CGames: Tanzania to send 30-member team to Delhi

Tanzania is to send a contigent of 30 athletes, swimmers, boxers and table tennis players to the October 3-14 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, an official said Saturday.

“The team will today (Saturday) be presented with the national flag, ahead of their departure Sunday,” Tanzania Olympics Committee Secretary General Filbert Bayi said.

The athletics team will be led by the men’s defending marathon champion, Samson Ramadhan, and will also include Kenyan-born Dickson Marwa and top woman runner, Restituta Joseph.

Others are Shamba Itimi, Patrick Nyangero, Marko Joseph, Damian Chopa, Barae Hera, Frank Martin and Zakia Mrisho.

Bayi said the four swimmers – Mariam Foum, Khalid Rushaka, Magdalena Moshi and Hilal Hilal – have trained intensively in Britain, South Africa and China to prepare for the games.

The boxing team includes Sunday Elias (flyweight), Selemani Kiduda (middleweight), Leonard Machichi (light heavyweight), Nasser Mafuru (Lightweight), Haruna Mhando (heavyweight), Joseph Mwaisalenge (welterweight), Hashim Petro Light welterweight) and Revocatus Shomari (bantamweight).