CGames: SA delegation finds snake in room‎

There seems to be no end to the problems confronting the organisers of the Commonwealth Games with the South African envoy here claiming that a snake was found in an athlete’s room in the Village.

A snake was found in a room in the residential tower, earmarked for the South African athletes, who have not arrived yet, High Commissioner Harris Mbulelo Mejeke told reporters.

“We can’t go and stay till things are fixed up. We have very grave concerns. we can’t ask our teams to stay there. Yesterday we found a snake but I don’t know whether it was an Indian snake. But it was there in one of our rooms,” Mejeke said before entering the Village.

“That was a threat to the lives of our athletes. Very disappointing. Basically, the basement was full of water and the staircase was also damp,” he said.

On being asked if he brought the matter to the notice of the organizers, he said, “We had someone with us. They have promised us, everything will be all right. I will go and check whether the promise has been kept,” he said.

However, the South African envoy said there team will not withdraw from the controversy-marred event.

“The teams are coming and we are still part of the Commonwealth Games. When everything will be done we will call our teams,” Mjeke said.

The Village has already been sharply criticised for the unhygienic conditions and now the sensational claim would bring more bad publicity to the event.