Bill for interim bail on apprehension accepted by NA

National Assembly Tuesday granted leave to move a bill ensuring bail on the basis of apprehension to ensure liberty and independence of citizens.

The Bill moved by MNA Maseer Bhutta was unanimously approved by the House to send it to the concerned Standing Committee as the government did not oppose it.

“This bill will ensure security and liberty to innocent citizens who are wrongly involved in different offenses by the Police,” Bhutta said pleading in favour of his bill.

Bhutta said, the bill provides for provision of bail on basis of apprehension even when there is no FIR against a person. “Some times police involve people in cases without any reason and evidence. In such cases the person should have the right to move the court on basis of apprehension and get a bail.”

“This bill would not harm anything rather fulfil the requirements of justice. It is a serious issue as police involve innocent people without any reason,” he added.

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Babar Awan did not oppose the Bill and said, it should be sent to the concerned committee.

The Chair then put the motion to the House that was adopted and the bill was sent to concerned standing committee.

Meanwhile, three other motions regarding amendments in rules of procedure and conduct of business were also sent to concerned committee.

These motion moved by members Raja Asad Khan, Nighat Perveen Mir, Shakir Bashir Awan and Abdul Majeed Khan had demanded amendments in rules 293, 155, 198, 200 and 239.