Ash in tears!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is rooting for the cause of the visually impaired as well as against cruelty to animals.

She has been roped in by the Sahachari Foundation, a charitable trust established by 11 women of Mumbai that stands for uplift and empowerment of the needy. The foundation has constantly strived to help deserving NGOs in the field of education, healthcare, social welfare and promotion of culture.

This year, the foundation is providing financial support to the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind and Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Aishwarya, who has pledged her own eyes to the noble cause, applauded the initiative. “It is absolutely wonderful the kind of work and effort that these ladies have come together to do in such a subtle yet unconditional and sincere manner,” Ash told BT.

Ash also spent quality time with the children of the school, which was established in 1902. They sang for her in their passionate voices, making the eyes of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World turn moist. The principal of the school then acquainted the actress with the proposed projects that will be undertaken with the help of the funds raised.

From the Foundation’s annual calendar of fund-raising initiatives, the ‘Design One’ shopping fiesta is the most widely publicized and high-profile event. Scheduled to be held on September 8 and 9 at World Trade Centre, Design One provides a pre-festival exhibition platform on which designers showcase their creativity and do client-building. The range of merchandise includes fashion wear, accessories, jewellery, home and lifestyle products, silverware, gift items, packaging and food. This year, eight NGOs will be given complimentary stall space at the exhibition. Sahachari Foundation is thus encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting creativity while remaining committed to a philanthropic objective.

Talking about why she chose to support this cause, Ash says, “It’s our own little steps to try and make a difference. It doesn’t make all the difference but believe you me one step in itself quantifies as plenty. I have always believed that.”