Afghan border security is two-way responsibility: Qureshi

Asserting that enforcment of security on the Afghan border is a two-way responsibility, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Pakistan is doing all it can to check militancy ,but the international community must assist its efforts.  “It’s a two-way traffic. There has to be a strategy to check them once they cross the bord,” he told American CBS channel when asked about cross-border movement of militants.

“We are fulfilling our responsibilities, but we need international help,” Qureshi added.

In answer to a question, the foreign minister said American aid would help improve the US standing among Pakistanis.

“The qualitative difference has come under this administration. They have tripled the economic mito Pakistan. It is helping because for the first time this money will be spent where? Education, health, poverty alleviation.

Now, when people see American money helping their lives, that is what will change the public opinion of Pakistan.”

Qureshi told the channel in reply to another question that “many in the west, many in the United States, are not fully aware of the message of Islam. Islam is a message of peace not violence.”  He said in every society there are extremists.

“To give you an example: One American pastor. Look the way he captured the attention of the world, and what was he trying to do? Burn the Quran.

Fortunately, that horrific incident did not take place. But, God forbid, if it had what would I deduce? Did he reflect American values, or was it an individual act of an extremist?

“There can be a fringe extremist element in this society, and you have to be cognizant of them,” he added.