3 more protesters die in IoK

3 more protesters martyred on Sunday in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) as violence against rule from New Delhi deepened, according to police.

The protesters died in two separate hospitals Sunday after being injured on Saturday and last week in clashes with Indian security forces in three different districts of IoK, a police spokesman said.

Government forces have been battling months of demonstrations in the mainly Muslim region that were ignited by the police killing of a 17-year-old student on June 11.

A total of 105 protesters and bystanders — including children — have been martyred, mostly by security forces firing on demonstrators after being pelted with stones. One policeman has also died.

On Saturday, police and paramilitary forces fired on fresh anti-India demonstrations in IoK, killing 3 protesters and injuring over a dozen.

15 police and paramilitary forces were also injured during day-long clashes in IoK.

Authorities briefly relaxed the strict curfew on Saturday in most parts of IoK to allow locals to stock up on food and medicine.

Clashes erupted between Indian police and protesters at three places, police said, but no casualties were reported.

On Sunday, police sealed neighbourhoods with barbed wires and asked residents to stay indoors.

“Anyone violating the curfew will be dealt with sternly,” roared announcements made by loud-speaker fitted police vehicles in Srinagar.

Scores of people at Srinagar’s main hospital pleaded with security forces to be allowed to go to their homes to bring medicines and water for the patients but their pleas were ignored.

Locals living near the hospitals have been distributing free food among the attendants, while patients continue to get food from the hospital. But there are no life-saving medicines and drinking water.