Targeted killings: a conspiracy against Pakistan?

When it comes to payback to this city, there is very little contribution in comparison to what Karachi offers to Pakistan.

Like any other city of Pakistan or the world, there are locals, permanent settlers, and emigrants whom together contribute to the economy of the city and the nation.

It is only in Karachi that in people of at least two different ethnic backgrounds live together in a single street in harmony as responsible citizens. They may or may not be politically affiliated, and may hold different opinions about politics, but it still does not affect their neighbourly relations, and when chance is provided, their children become friends and intermingle with each other.

There are criminals in every society, some have even worse than what we have. But when law enforcement authorities act only on political ‘orders’ or are simply incapable and morally corrupt, citizens have no choice but to demand proper delivery of their duties.

Almost every person living in Karachi must know someone or have heard of owners, whose lands have been illegally grabbed and secured by armed men. Its not a myth anymore, but a harsh reality. There are numerous news reports available online of public and private property worth billions being occupied by these gangsters under a ‘political’ cover. These kind of situation confirms, that if this issue is not taken seriously, your own house will not be safe from illegal occupation in the near future!

Short term kidnappings for ransom is a daily routine in this city and monthly extortion from businesses is also a regular means of financing the gangsters’ activities in Karachi and a major chunk of it is sent ‘back home’, which has also been reported by media on various occasions.

Despite all this, who is protesting for the rights of Karachi and is bearing the brunt of it? When ever there is a planned operation against the mafia, the citizens of Karachi suffer. There are planned assassinations on a daily basis to keep the authorities busy with law and order as priority, while illegal land grabbing continues. With them, comes in other beneficiaries who would like to see their stakes in place instead of others, and joins in on the fight, taking advantage of the prevailing environment.

Karachi at the moment is under attack for being the most vocal against criminal activities and terrorism in Pakistan. Three years ago the threat was relayed to the nation that such a situation may occur in Karachi and other cities. But it was promptly countered by mischievously propagating it as ethnic discrimination, by the sponsors, hosts, and partners in crime. Rest of the country also did not pay heed to the realistic foresight, rather it was brushed away as rhetoric for which the citizens are paying everyday.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is going through such treacherous times, the end to which is still not in sight, but the enemy’s plan is clear, which is to engulf Pakistan in a civil war of sects, religion and ethnicity.

The enemies of Pakistan guarantee that lives, assets, and property is damaged from both sides of a conflict to kick start ethnic and (or) sectarian riots to bring this city to a halt, which will automatically force the country to suffer economically leading to disaster.

The assassinations in Karachi since the start of the year were mostly low profile or sectarian. There was violence on some occasions but not like what Karachi is going through at the moment. Its a full fledged attack by non state actors and people who have fallen to our enemy’s conspiracies.

Its about time the citizens of Karachi understand the malicious agenda of our enemies, being pursued by these criminals and must not be fooled behind the ‘ethnic’ cover. In order to get rid of this menace, the city needs to unite and fight this enforced terror together, or we may forget about our city and let them do as they please?

Choice is yours!