Targeted killing continues …

In another incident of targeted killing, ANPs Sindh leader Ubaidullah Yousuf Zai has been shot dead in Karachi. Despite several assurances from Interior Minister Rehman Malik, targeted killing doesn’t seem to halt. These series of incidents have permanently disturbed the law and order situation in Karachi, making life more difficult for the citizens.

There are serious concerns about the Sindh and Federal government’s seriousness in resolving this issue. The government and law enforcing agencies do not seem interested in performing their duties neither take interest in stopping the aftermaths of such incidents.

Whenever a high profile person such as ANP’s Ubaidullah Yousuf Zai or MQM’s Raza Haider is targeted, the aftermath takes more lives than the incident itself. The real culprits behind such acts are still under cover and nobody is ready to take concrete measures against them. People of Karachi are witnessing their city being burnt down in front of their eyes. The government needs to address this issue with high priority.