Sutlej faces flood threat as Indian dams almost full

The low lying areas of River Sutlej are likely to face flood in the coming days if India releases water, according to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

The present met situation suggests that the water reservoirs in India on River Sutlej are near their maximum conservation level and it is very likely that India may release water in coming days.

As a result, River Sutlej at G.S. Wala may record rise in water flow and create inundation in low lying areas of River Sutlej, especially affecting the inhabitants in the river bed.

The Met office has directed the local authorities to take precautionary measures besides warning the people residing in the river bed.

However, the met office will issue the warning as it receives any water release information from India.

The increased flow in River Ravi has been mainly due to the continuous rains in the area below Madhopur and over the catchments of nullahs of River Ravi.

India has not yet released any substantial amount of water from Madhopur in India.

The Indian Thein Dam on River Ravi data suggests that India may not release water during next seven days. However, some water level in the River Ravi, between low to medium flood, may increase in next three to four days due to expected rains in catchment of its nullahs.

However, according to the latest hydrological condition, the River Indus at Kotri is likely to continue sustaining an exceptionally high flood level ranging between 915,000 to 940,000 (cusecs) during next 24 hours.