2 police men, 5 other killers of Sialkot brothers nabbed

Police claimed to have arrested two police officers and five others who were present at a time when two young brothers were being beaten to death in Sialkot in public.

According to police, police contingents have stepped up crackdowns with a view to apprehend six other police officials who were not only witnessing barbaric torture being perpetrated upon two innocent young brothers, which led to their death, but they also allowed killing by not interfering, private news channel reported on Saturday.

DPO Sialkot said five suspects involved in torturing both the brothers have been rounded up too.

It may be mentioned, two youths – real brothers and students, were beaten to death with baton in a broad day light in public while eight policemen were present and subsequently, their dead bodies were hanged upside down position at a chowk in Sialkot on Friday.

Meanwhile, SHO police, alleged mastermind of killing of two brothers, has fled away and is still at large.