President Zardari takes interest in Google Earth

It might be surprising for most of the people to know that our President takes interest in the latest technologies. Recently, Mr. Zardari proposed a unique application for Google Earth. He proposed that Government of Pakistan should use Google Earth to survey lands owned by Government and to monitor illegal owners and land mafias.

Yes, this could be possible, but Google would take some time before it could properly analyze and administer every single place in Pakistan. For the same reason our team picked up some random villages and towns from all over the Pakistan, and unfortunately the results were negative. By the time Google Earth isn’t providing search at this niche level in Pakistan, however as the Google updates its maps the suggested proposal might be possible soon.

Google Earth is no ordinary mapping application; it is uses high resolution satellites, operating from just few hundred kilometers from the Earth. It is capable of providing you with satellite images, maps, 3D buildings, you can even fly under water surfaces of oceans and explore under water terrain. The new version of Google Earth 5.2 is even capable of monitoring the real time weather including rain storms for some parts of the world.

If somehow this plan is taken in to action, one cannot ignore the fact that Google Earth might be capable of monitoring those places that government wouldn’t want to show up. Here, I would like to mention that the Constitution Avenue in Islamabad; now which is also known as the ‘Red Zone’ because of its high security. This is the most critical place of Islamabad. The place is always guarded by hundreds of guards. No single civilian is allowed to enter the place without proper authentication. However, it could be easily monitored by Google Earth, if you just search the place on Google Earth it will display you every single route from roads, Green Belts or any other way leading to the place. My point is one can easily design a plan of breaking in to the Red Zone by easily looking at the realistic 3D drawings of the city skylines. Not to mention the other high alert places in the country that Google might have access to. It’s only a matter of time when Google Earth comes up with the real-time imagery, hence making the job easier.

The same day President also mentioned that the government is taking interest in providing laptops and internet to every home. These ideas could really transform Pakistan into a technology oriented nation.