Police bigger threat than criminals?

It is said that law enforcement agencies are there to protect the life and dignity of citizens. Unfortunately, reality seems different in Karachi where police has become a bigger threat than criminals! Instead of protecting the citizens, police officials are involved in rape and other serious crimes.

Ms. N is one such victim of police, who was subjected to rape and sexual torture in police custody at Shahra-e-Noor Jehan Police Station by SHO Munir Lashari. She is helpless and can do nothing but cry and plead! She is seeking justice against those who are there to provide justice and protect!

Police arrested Ms. N with her husband Mohammad Rizwan and their child on August 2 from Five Star Chowrangi in North Nazimabad, without any allegation and proofs. SHO Muneer Lashari sent Mohammad Rizwan to custody and targeted Ms. N to fulfil his evil desires in the police stations.

The victim, Ms. N complained, while talking to AAJ News that SHO Muneer Lashari raped her at night of August 2nd, while other officers abused her sexually the entire night in the police station.

The issue was later brought into notice of Magistrate, but FIR of rape could not be filed against SHO Muneer Lashari. Helpless Ms. N is still seeking justice, and can’t do anything but cry. Nobody’s there to listen to her voice!

Ms. N, is not the only victim of Police crimes, but thousands of women like her are brutally subjected to heinous crimes by Karachi police on a daily basis. The authorities are aware of these incidents, but do not take action against these ‘official’ criminals.

Who will hear her voice?