Pakistan Update 2021

After a series of political and economic crises faced by Pakistan along with military and civil rule in the past 80 years of its independence from British India. We can now confidently say that’s since the past 5 years, Pakistan has proved to be one of the most safe and fastest progressing nation of the world.

Pakistan’s currency has hit a 5 year high against the US dollar. Businesses are booming, social statuses elevated, and there is no body in this country who remains close to the poverty line. The middle class has seen a great surge and uplift, there are no beggars on the streets, and inflation is a phenomenon of history. The rich of the past have been leveled with the middle class which now makes the total elite of this country. Pakistan was awarded “Investment status” by the famous rating companies, who have their regional offices setup in every city this peaceful country, facilitating flow of funds for projects setup after 2015.

Achieving a 95% literacy rate has prompted the influx of renowned International universities and colleges find Pakistan a great potential to open campuses around the “Knowledge Villages” in every major city of the country.

Exports have increased upto 500% in comparison to data of 2011, and the balance of trade has remained positive since 2017. Pakistan is a proud supplier of quality, agricultural products, which cater to the middle-east and European markets, earning foreign exchange. Our reserve as of last week were US$ 800 billion, and Pakistan will be getting its symbol of currency by next year in 2022.

The President of Pakistan is a marketing executive, who is actively selling the Produce of Pakistan globally from his office, she normally does not mingle with the political affairs, and allows the Prime Minister all the authority over Governance. The Judiciary was given a free hand for internal audit and corrections were made as needed, the Judge of the Supreme Court took office in 2013 a little after the new Government was formed.

As the Government changed in 2013 elections. The middle class of Pakistan had over thrown the ‘Family politicians’ and revolutionized the system of governance. Their first move was to separate religion from politics, and empowered the judiciary system. The power was not with the common educated and hard working citizens of the country. Their second important move was to cut down state expenditures and sell of properties and businesses acquired on bank defaults and undeclared receipts. Tax evaders were the first of the lot to be punished, and their belonging and possession were auctioned off at throw away prices to the poorest of the country, so they may be secure and rehabilitated who had been under torture and fear for years.

With a new Army Chief, who also took office in 2013. The Army was further strengthened and completely overhauled to serve and protect the country with primary focus on defense only. Many Ministries and Federal / Provincial departments were shut down, and their related assets were gifted to the Armed forces of Pakistan for strategic expansion within for better controls.

Election Commission was handed over to the judiciary, and was managed by retired judges of merit. By the 2018 elections they had installed automated voting machines at every polling booth for accuracy.

The portfolio’s with the closed down departments were handed over to other operating units of state for combined and additional work. Office timings were 7 to 7 pm for 5 days a week. Export business were offered free electricity in order to be able to compete Internationally. This allowed greater investments in each sector which helped to lower down the unemployment levels. New and old businesses offered job opportunities to many people which resulted in economical and higher outputs. Here, we must thank Iran and China for the supply of energy, until our dams and power generation units were completed/installed just 2 years ago.

Health sector was completely revamped in 2018, with new and modern facilities, with the promise from the Government to pay special attention to this sector and eventually leading it to a completely free and quality healthcare.

Funding was increased by 500% for almost all the State departments as the income tax collection is now upto 80%. The accountability board is slow, but at least working on the corruption cases prior to 2013, and have been able to convict and punish a large majority already.

Education system of Pakistan was made uniform in 2014 and there was only 1 highly competitive syllabus for all educational institutions. Local industry was the first priority to prepare for professionals, with insight, creativity, and passion for growth.

As I write this optimistic belief in 2010, my children would have the same credentials as my driver’s children would have. But by then he wouldn’t be a driver, only but driving his own ‘cash’ purchased SUV. Utopia?

Achievable! You know why, because during the 2013 and 2018 elections in Pakistan, the turnout was 85%, the silent majority had finally spoken, and actually went to the polling station to cast their votes. I just wish this 14th August 2010 we can just once look back at what the generations before us have done with Pakistan, and promise to ourselves that we will not let this repeat on our next generation!

Pakistan Zindabad, forver!