Mobile SMS become popular source of entertainment, awareness

The trend of mobile SMS has become the attractive source of communication among cell owners as people utilize it not only for entertainment but also for awareness.

Once there was a limited source to keep in touch with friends and families, but today nearly every person has this few inch device which keeps him/her aware of the current situation.

It is pertinent to mention that these days after the devastated floods several people rely on SMS to get updates about flood victims and several relief work organizations utilize mobile service for asking donations even some people use it for all kinds of invitations.

People also use it for extending congratulation messages on important occasions, events and special days like Eid, Ramadan and Independence Day.

Rahat Ali a resident of capital city said that it was surprised for him that one same message he received from Lahore, Karachi and Quetta from different persons.

He said mobile companies have special section to create SMS for customers.

Muzamil Shah a teacher said mobile has totally changed the scenario of the world as it has now become a global village thanks to the revolution in the Information and communication technology.

He said that it depends on users that how he/she utilize it.