Make a statement with artistic nails

Nail beautification is so in vogue. Nail art looks great and is quite a rage amongst young girls, particularly in this weather when makeup hardly stays.

Colorful nail art can make you look stylish even when you sport a simple tee and denim hotpants.

For beginners, try nail art at home, basic double color or triple color stripes on nails look smart.

You can even try polka dot pattern on your nails which is very easy to make and a little practice is all that you require.

Other designs to try your hand at are geographical prints, hearts, flowers, leaves and abstract designs. Give vent to your creativity, and make any design or pattern you admire.

For exclusive arty nails, try the hottest fad this season:

Swarovski nail art

Swarovski of different colours are used to decorate the nails, and mostly it’s matched with the embroidery of the outfit being worn. Readymade nail jewellery with diamonte, kundan or polka studded is a craze with youngsters nowadays. For the grunge look, go for nail piercing in which a small ornament is hung from the tip of your nail.

French manicure

But for a more sophisticated look, keep it simple with a French manicure. This looks works best for professionals and executives. Give a finishing touch to your nail art, by applying a coat of shimmer or glitter nail polish.

Floral nail art

This form of nail art is for those who prefer more feminine and sophisticated designs. Such nail art is done on using natural spring colours like baby pink, rose red, fuchsia pink, coral blue and misty green.

Such coloured bases are then surfaced with myriad designs. You can either use simple petals of a flower, a bud or bunch of buds, or different flower replicas like rose, sunflower or lotus.

For an unconventional look, you can try abstract tulips and lilies as well. Add some diamonte or Swarvoski at the centre bud of the flower to give it a jewelled look. Floral nail art compliments a plain dress or even a floral dress well. It lends a joyful and artistic feel to your nails.

Gothic nail art

Gothic designs are popular amongst teenaged girls who have an adventurous streak to them. Very dark shades from the colour palette are used here. Black being the most common base colour among dark blue, navy blue, deep green and dark purple.

Over these, the gothic designs chosen popularly are crucifix, axe, skull, sword and other abstract weapon designs. This kind of nail art makes a bold statement.

Taking care of your nails

It is imperative to take proper care of your nails since negligence can disrupt the beauty of this delicate form of art.

If you do a lot of household chores and handle water and chemical detergents on a regular basis, it is a good idea to wear rubber gloves to preserve the art.

To make your nail art last long, use the liquid nail art fixture or nail cellophane coating which helps laminate your nail and in turn protects the design.

Alternatively, there is technique called permanent nail art which is similar to nail extension. The patterns are engraved and embossed in laser cutting on the nail itself, which is then pasted on your original nail.