LPG companies not following Ogra directive on price

The LPG Distributors Association has alleged that LPG marketing companies are not following the directives of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) regarding prices, and have refused to supply the product to dealers.

Ogra on Friday determined and fixed new maximum LPG consumer price and directed the marketing companies to follow the new price mechanism.

LPG Dealers Association Chairman Irfan Khokhar said: “LPG marketing companies are violating the directives of Ogra and have refused to give the product to the dealers at the price determined by the Authority. “We will take up the issue with Ogra on Monday, if the LPG marketing companies kept refusing provision of LPG at the price fixed by Ogra” he said, and added that “we will go on strike if the issue is not resolved”.

He said: “We were thankful to the Minister of Petroleum Naveed Qamar and Ogra Chairmen for extending their support who barred gas mafia from increasing prices”. He said that LPG companies had earned hefty amounts on account of illegal profit by raising prices manifold during the month of Ramazan.

He urged the government officials to recover money from the marketing companies and spend it on rehabilitation of flood affected people.

Ogra has said that as per prevailing policy of the federal government, the Authority has determined and fixed maximum reasonable consumer price of locally produced and imported LPG as under: (i) Maximum reasonable consumer price of locally produced LPG is Rs 944 /11.8 kg cylinder, (ii) maximum reasonable consumer price of imported LPG is Rs 1121/11.8 kg cylinder.