Independence celebration missing due to worst floods

The usual enthusiasm and zeal to celebrate the Independence Day is missing due to worst floods in the country as the political activists and the civil society including common masses are busy in relief work.

The people who traditionally celebrate actively any occasion of national or cultural importance also appear cheerless and low-spirited when the Day is just days away.

According to a survey conducted in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur and surrounding areas, a large number of people from various walks of life are busy in relief camps established at all major points in the provincial metropolis by political parties, NGOs and Traders Unions to collect the eatables, medicines and clothes etc for the displaced persons.

Survey revealed that maximum people are disappointed and half hearted to celebrate Independence Day in this situation particularly when the current floods have been described worse than the Tsunami through international agencies.

They appeared serious and sombre about the problems and inconvenience of the flood-affected people.

Several people said that they have planned to celebrate the Day quietly and to give his pocket money to relief camp for the aid of flood affected people.

They said the same enthusiasm is needed for relief work by the whole nation, which they showed at the time of earthquake in 2005.

Several other people have also the same views of determination to support the displaced people by disastrous floods. Several people said that they would celebrate the day as usual.

He said he wanted to tell the world that Pakistani nation is courageous and has the capability to withstand the crisis.