High alert sounded at Kotri

The engineers and flood fighting agencies though took sigh after decreased water level at Guddu and Sukkur Barrages but the rapid increase of water level at Kotri Barrage has made these officials at high alert.

The water level at Guddu Barrage was recorded at 4 pm Thursday was 965028 cusec at upstream and 963488 cusec at downstream as compared to 1018970 cusec at upstream and 1018432 cusec at downstream yesterday on same time.

Similarly water level at Sukkur Barrage was recorded at 4 pm Thursday as 1001400 cusec at upstream and 965100 cusec at downstream as compared to 1019660 cusec at upstream and 987265 cusec at downstream at same time yesterday.

The fact revealed that 53942 cusec at upstream and 54944 cusec at downstream has been reduced at Guddu Barrage, while 18260 cusec at upstream and 22165 cusec at downstream reduced at Sukkur Barrage in 24 hours.

Whereas, the water level at Kotri Barrage recorded at 4 pm yesterday as 384037 cusec at upstream and 356332 cusec at downstream as compared to 495930 cusec at upstream and 467425 cusec at downstream on same time on Thursday, thus resulted in increase of 111893 cusec at upstream and 111093 cusec increased at downstream Kotri Barrage during last 24 hours from 4 pm yesterday to 4 pm today. This rapid increase is first time witnessed since the flood flow has started approaching to Kotri Barrage.

The engineers and water experts were of the view that Kotri Barrage may not receive super flood but would receive flow in between high and very high flood range which can easily pass it from its structure.

However, every individual is anxious about the strengthening of river embankments. The peak flow of flood is passing from Mud Mangli, Taluka Sakrand and it to take another two days to reach at Kotri Barrage.

The Chief Engineer Left Bank Sukkur Barrage Haroon Memon expressed his optimism that left bank of Indus River is strong enough to sustain the running pressure of the flood and added that all vulnerable points are extensively under the monitoring of engineers.

However, the Chief Engineer Right Bank Sukkur Barrage has to face another challenge when Manchar Lake would receive the gushing water coming from Torri Breaches and other canals.

The re-strengthening of embankments, monitoring of all vulnerable points, deployment of manpower and machinery on the embankments is also continued today to ensure safe passage of flood into sea.

Sindh Minister for Fisheries Zahid Ali Bhurgri and Sindh Minister for Special Education Syed Ali Nawaz Shah Rizvi also visited different parts of embankments passing from Hyderabad district.

Similarly, the ministerial committees constituted by the Sindh Chief Minister for the other areas also carried out their monitoring activities.

On other side, the relief and rescue operations also continued in the region. The flood victims coming from upper Sindh are being guided and accommodated in relief camps by the officers on relief duty and the people who still residing at different places inside the river bank are pursued by the ministerial committees, MNAs and MPAs of concerned areas to leave for safer places.

The Project Director Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) Ahsan Leghari when asked about the embankments position said that he was confident that the coming flood would easily pass from Hyderabad without causing any damage.

He said that all the embankments have been strengthened, machinery and material has been made available at each vulnerable point but till date no serious threat of river is reported.

Meanwhile, two members delegation comprising Matthias Kobel and Hans Keller from Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC today visited different relief camps to assess the need of relief to the flood affected people.

Talking with the official media at New Subzi Mandi Relief Camp, they said that they came here to assess the situation and gravity of disaster and have visited four camps. They informed that they would also visit interior Sindh for the same purposes.

Responding to a question, they said that their agency was interested in provide tents, water and sanitation equipments, non-food items of daily use and medicines as well. They said now the Pakistan Government to make decision about the articles of its need.

They also met with the Sindh Minister for Fisheries Zahid Ali Bhurgri, Sindh Minister for Special Education Syed Ali Nawaz Shah Rizvi, and MNA Shamshad Bachani and discussed about the matters of relief to the flood victims.