Freedom and Us

The month of August is here with Independence Day being one of the main highlight of it. This year we started the 64th year of Independence from centuries old British Rule.

Independence day is probably the most confusing day I consider as compared to rest of the days in our national calendar.

For me independence is not merely having a state with the right to have an identity card as citizen, but it is about having the right to use your potential and getting results from it. Independence is about taking economic and political decisions yourself, it’s about living with dignity and self respect.

On one hand we are busy in fighting a foreign war, which is destroying our social fabric and on the other hand we are so economically and politically weak that we cannot take decision in our favour about anything.

Even after suffering so much in the so called “War on Terror”, we are still blamed for exporting terror by our key allies like Britain and Afghanistan. This shame wasn’t enough for our leaders that they decided to give a pleasure visit to the country which didn’t even give slightest of regards to thousands of lives we gave for their war.

Our ancestors fought for freedom so that they can have a country where principles of justice and equality will prevail. Our national agenda are hijacked by dictators,feudal and corrupt corporatist who enjoy dominance and totalitarian control over the resources of our country. People have been made enemies of each other by exploiting sectarian, ethnic and social class diversity. Legislation is done in such way that criminals, plunderers and incompetent people not only reach to the highest forums of national policy making but they are given the right to exploit the people.

Judicial institution is probably the first and perhaps the last institution which gives weak and poor citizens the chance to protect themselves. Without an independent and powerful system of justice, no citizen can think of freedom and no nation can reap the fruits of independence.

Though some promising situation is shown by media as they highlight the rising civil society and effective Judiciary, but overall our situation is not improving. Our nation is also to be blamed for their personal prejudices, short term greed and narrow vision, which needs correction.

We are the ones who don’t find much moral courage to criticize and stop wrongdoings and support the right cause. Our own petty issues and prejudices come in our way.

The devastating situation can at least bring one positive for us, if we use this opportunity for national unity and promoting mutual cooperation. We need to sincerely judge ourselves and our problems and fix them one by one in our collective and personal lives. For once we need to think like a real honest, just and freedom loving nation.