Floods causes loss to henna business

Due to widespread devastation caused by flash floods and the soaring rates of essential commodities has adversely affected the commercial sector including the henna business in the country.

Henna is centuries old herb used for beautification purpose in the eastern countries and is an essential part of Eid festivals. But unfortunately this year the henna business has run into loss due to the devastating floods wreaking havoc in most parts of the country including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Majority of the people are struggling to arrange shelter and food for the family members instead of buying henna, considered as luxury now. The usual rush of people on henna shops have shown marked decrease this year and people dealing in the business were eagerly waiting for customers.

Talking to the official news agency, henna dealers said that normally with the advent of Ramazan the rush of customers was witnessed on their shops and at times they had to break their fast at shop due to increase in demand of henna.

But drastic changes have been witnessed this year as henna dealers are short of customers even after the passage of half Ramazan and with Eid-ul- Fitr hardly two weeks away.